A recent Supreme Court oral argument

Check out this link. Click on White (Robert E.) et al. v. Square, Inc., S249248 on the left side of the page.

Square provides credit card services to businesses that want to accept Mastercard & Visa cards from their customers.

MAT's client is Bob White, a bankruptcy lawyer, who wanted to sign up for Square so he could accept credit cards from clients he advised & represented. But when he went to Square's website to sign up, he saw that to do so he would have to agree not to use it for bankruptcy cases. So he didn't sign up.

White filed a class action on behalf of all U.S. bankruptcy lawyers in federal district court for occupational discrimination under California's Unruh Civil Rights Act. District court held he had no standing because he didn't sign up. We were brought in to argue appeal to 9th Circuit. After argument, the 9th Circuit referred the question to the California Supreme Court.

If interested, we can send you the briefs. (An amicus brief against us was filed by former Stanford dean Kathleen Sullivan for Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.)

The Supreme Court just issued its opinion in the case, holding that Mr. White does indeed have standing. To see opinion, click here.