New Book on Appeals & Writs

LexisNexis has just published my new book, Moskovitz On Appeal.

I asked several appellate experts to review my semi-final draft of this book. Their comments were extremely helpful. And I appreciate their verdicts:

“This book is extraordinary. Every lawyer filing an appeal, whether their first or their 100th, will want to consult Professor Moskovitz's book. It offers practical advice from a renowned scholar who is also one of our most experienced and respected appellate practitioners.”
Justice James Lambden, California Court of Appeal (Retired)

“The usual ‘how to’ book on appellate practice amounts to little more than a guide to compliance the Rules of Court. In this book you will find useful insights into what influences how appellate courts decide cases, which will make you a more effective advocate.”
Justice William D Stein, California Court of Appeal (Retired)

"Myron distills his forty-plus years of in-the-trenches appellate experience into straightforward tips and pointers about what actually persuades appellate judges in the real world. A must-read for any appellate specialist or lawyer who takes appeals as seriously as they should be taken."
Ben Feuer, California Appellate Law Group (former law clerk for U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, Judge Carlos Bea)

"Myron Moskovitz’s book is rich in useful ideas both for the beginner and the veteran in the practice of law.  Moskovitz also teaches by example, showing how even dry procedural points can be made lively and entertaining by good writing."
Robert Gerstein, Los Angeles (former President of California Academy of Appellate Lawyers)

"Read it.  Believe it.  Follow it.  Win."
Jay-Allen Eisen, Sacramento (Fellow of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers)

"Professor Moskovitz’s book and its time-learned lessons should empower appellate neophytes as well as aid experienced practitioners, with both general perspectives and specific pointers. As another notable Bay Area figure often said, 'Just win, baby.'”
Don Willenburg, Gordon & Rees (past Chair, Appellate Section of Bar Association of San Francisco)

"Moskovitz explains with candor how the appellate process works from the inside and what every participant (party or counsel) needs to understand. A refreshing focus on the practicalities of an appeal, not just the formalities."
Joshua R. Benson, Chair of the Appellate Practice, Taylor & Company Law Offices, LLP (former law clerk to U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, Judge A. Wallace Tashima)

"This compelling guide addresses the heart of the matter — connecting the client’s cause to the court’s sense of justice. Every lawyer who wants to persuade a judge needs this book."
Daniel U. Smith, San Francisco, certified appellate specialist (former law clerk to U.S. District Court, Northern District, California, Judge Alfonso Zirpoli)

"Myron has an uncanny ability to find and focus on the key issue in a case, tune out the noise, and lead the court to where he wants them to go. The principles he sets out in this practice manual are a good start for any lawyer who wants to develop those same skills."
Bill Hancock, California Appellate Law Group (former research attorney for California Court of Appeal Justice J. Anthony Kline)