Myron’s Published Works (old)


Strategies On Appeal (University of California, Continuing Education of the Bar, 2021).

Winning An Appeal, 4th edition (Michie/Lexis, 2007)

Cases & Problems in Criminal Procedure: The Police, 4th Edition (Matthew Bender/Lexis, 2004)

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Cases & Problems in Criminal Law, 5th edition (Lexis/Anderson, 2004)

California Landlord-Tenant Practice, 2nd Edition (Calif. Continuing Education of Bar, 1997 lead author)

California Eviction Defense Manual, 2nd Edition (California Continuing Education of Bar, 1993 lead author)

California Office Leasing (Calif. Continuing Education of the Bar, 1996) co-author

Powell on Real Property — Practice Guide 2: Landlord-Tenant (Matthew Bender, 1996)

Tenants’ Rights (Nolo Press, 13th Edition) with Warner

Oxford Companion to American Law (2002)

(4 entries: on Interrogation, Lineups, Mapp v. Ohio, and Miranda v. Arizona)

Annual Supplements to Robinson, Criminal Law Defenses (West, each year from 1992-2008)

Annual Supplements to Landlord-Tenant Chapter in California Damages Guide (Calif. Cont. Ed. Bar, each year from 1980-present)

Book Consultancies:

California Civil Appellate Practice, 2nd edition (Calif. Continuing Education of Bar, 1985)

California Forms of Pleading & Practice (Matthew Bender, 1995)

California Real Estate Law & Practice (Matthew Bender, 1995)

California Legal Forms (Matthew Bender, 1999)

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