“Our firm has worked with Moskovitz Appellate Team on several difficult matters over the past few years. Their work has always been outstanding! They are our 'go to' attorneys for all appellate issues.”

Nick Iezza, Esq.

Thousand Oaks

“Vast legal knowledge and practical knowledge about dealing with
appellate courts.”

“Myron did an amazing job. I had an urgent situation in which my client would have been irreparably injured if a stay was not granted; rendering any appeal meaningless. Myron used his vast legal knowledge and practical knowledge about dealing with appellate courts to obtain the stay. He then formulated a plan for our briefing and arguments and supplemented our filing as needed so as to get a result which caused the other side to drop their case. You also learned quickly that, unless you practice in the appellate courts like Myron does, you do not know anything about appellate practice."

Ameet Birring, Esq.


“The best appellate lawyer”

“Counsel involved in a very large fraud case in Hawai’i asked for the best appellate lawyer I knew. I did not hesitate to recommend Myron, who was then engaged and prepared the briefing on this complex matter, and will orally argue the appeal. We are very pleased with his insights, his collegiality, and his excellent appellate work.”

Phil Pillsbury, Esq.

San Fransisco

“Professional approach, attention to detail and timely client communications”


A perspective on how the appellate courts will see the argument”

“Working with Moskovitz Appellate Team provides the unique opportunity to work with a team that includes retired appellate judges-who better to have a perspective on how the appellate courts will see the argument?”

Robert De Vries, Esq.

San Francisco

“Easy to work with and cost effective for my client.”

“Although we were the prevailing party after a lengthy jury trial, the opposing counsel was an excellent attorney and stakes were high for both sides. The case was complicated, but with Myron Moskovitz’s thorough knowledge of the appellate process, he was able to simplify the issues and affirm our trial court victory.

I found Moskovitz Appellate Team to be easy to work with and cost effective for my client. They will be my first call on every appeal.”

Jon H. Lieberg, Esq.

Temecula, California

“Critical to my success”

“Moskovitz Appellate Team has been critical to my success in two separate appeals, both of which were on very difficult evidentiary standards.

Myron’s brilliance in crafting a good theme for the appeal and marshaling the law and trial record to make a convincing argument, as well as preparing me exquisitely for oral argument, are among the best resources that I have as a trial lawyer.”

Brian D. Liddicoat, Esq.


“The Moskovitz Team is first rate, and easy to work with.”

“I had the privilege of working with Myron Moskovitz and the Moskovitz Appellate Team on a class action where the jury returned a verdict against my client, a home developer, for $1,300 for each of 1,500 homeowners, plus $20 million in punitive damages.

Despite the complexity of the case, the Moskovitz Appellate Team quickly got up to speed, distilled the facts and law into easily understandable issues, and made compelling arguments as to why the judgment should be reversed. The Moskovitz Team is first rate, and easy to work with.”

Steven Chung, Esq.


“Always successful”

“I have worked with Myron Moskovitz for years. He was always successful. Many of his victories created landmark or precedent-setting decisions.

Myron and his appellate team are of the highest caliber.”

Richard Illgen, Esq.


“Nothing short of brilliant”

“As primarily a plaintiff’s employer lawyer, I reached out to Mr. Moskovitz for quick assistance on a writ. In an exceedingly short period of time, he crafted an introduction, which was nothing short of brilliant.

He thoroughly knows how the “appellate world” operates and how to effectively maneuver within it.”

John Shepardson, Esq.


“The first person I think to call”

“Professor Moskovitz is the first person that I think to call whenever I’m confronted with a complex and difficult legal issue or case. He is able to analyze the legal issues confronting the client and create a very precise and straightforward plan for achieving a client’s goals.

He is very personable, which is a great attribute in dealing with his clients, other attorneys, and Judges.”

Jerod Hendrickson, Esq.

San Francisco

“Competent, professional, and caring”

“Myron Moskovitz is one of the most competent, professional, and caring attorneys that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He went above and beyond for my case, and his written and oral arguments were excellent. We won!”

Lori Smith


“The smartest, clearest-thinking lawyer I know”

"Myron Moskovitz is the smartest, clearest-thinking attorney I know. His ability to see to the essence of a legal dispute and to respond accordingly is truly exceptional."

Zachary Epstein, Esq.


“Extraordinary ability to persuade Judges”

“Myron consistently impresses me with his incisive analytical skills, his artful advocacy and his extraordinary ability to persuade Judges, Justices, Arbitrators, opposing counsel, and even challenging clients.

My law firm will continue to use the Moskovitz Appellate Team for their highly effective services.”

Bob Sheppard, Esq.

San Francisco

“Invaluable in protecting our client’s rights”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Myron and his firm on several cases. He is very knowledgeable and a true asset in helping to craft trial strategies that will assist in any following appellate proceeding. His services and insights have been invaluable in protecting our client’s rights.”

Mike Reynolds, Esq.


“Invaluable perspective”

“Myron and his team are my first call for appeals. No matter how long you’ve spent with a case, Myron always has an invaluable perspective and provides actionable advice."

Amber Schubert, Esq.

San Francisco

“Keen insight into what resonates with appellate judges”

“Myron and his team offer keen insight into what resonates with appellate judges. Trial attorneys are wise to seek their strategic guidance in how to best present the facts and arguments on appeal.”

Aaron Hand, Esq.

Redwood City

“Knowledge and experience make a difference”

“I have referred cases to Moskovitz Appellate Team, with my clients prevailing in the majority of these cases. Knowledge and experience make a difference. Moskovitz Appellate Team has an abundance of both.”

Kevin Eikenberry, Esq.

Walnut Creek

“Insightful, practical and wise”

“I have worked with Moskovitz Appellate Team on several appeals in business cases. Their guidance and counsel have been insightful, practical, and wise. As a direct result of their counsel, the briefs and arguments submitted in those appeals were markedly improved and focused.

The members are easy to talk with and a pleasure to work with.”

Marc Shea, Esq.

San Jose

“The clarity and vividness of his writing is second to none.”

“I have worked with Myron Moskovitz on more appeals than I can count. His analysis of the legal and factual issues are always spot on and the clarity and vividness of his writing is second to none. When the results of a case are crucial to a client, and an appeal necessary, I always call Myron.”

Lonnie Finkel, Esq.


“Experience, legal acumen, diligence and the ability to grasp complex legal issues

“Appellate practice requires experience and expertise. Without question, I would recommend Myron Moskovitz. In my experience, Myron possessed the requisite qualities of experience, legal acumen, diligence and the ability to grasp complex legal issues.”

Jerry Mann, Esq.


“Myron Moskovitz is a brilliant appellate advocate. His powerful mind and disciplined approach to legal analysis are matched only by his creative formulation of winning arguments.

He successfully argued for my client in the Court of Appeal, thus preserving her right to just compensation.”

Ron Shingler, Esq.

Walnut Creek

They helped me uphold a $3,000,000 trial court judgment.”

“Myron’s team understands appeals and the standard of review, perfectly. They helped me uphold a $3,000,000 trial court judgment. Thanks Myron.”

James Hand, Esq.


“Always helpful.”

“As a litigator for many years, I have turned to Myron Moskovitz a number of times for guidance, advice and appellate representation whenever the need arose. His work was always helpful.”

Randy Kay, Esq.

San Francisco

Myron’s skill at deconstructing complicated cases and breadth of knowledge has proven invaluable.”

“Our law firm handles labor and employment law cases. Whenever confronted with a complex or unique matter, either on appeal or in the Superior Court, we often turn to Myron for assistance in making the most effective presentation possible. Myron’s skill at deconstructing complicated cases and breadth of knowledge has proven invaluable in determining how to present such cases.”

Robert J. Bezemek, Esq.


“A direct, succinct, and no-nonsense advocate”

“It was a pleasure working with Mr. Moskovitz on an HOA real estate case that went up on appeal. In the introductory call, he immediately grasped the complex evidentiary, contract and insurance issues that were on appeal in the case. He was available for telephone calls, promptly responded to emails, and agreed to be available for questions during mediations.

Before hiring Myron, I watched several of his oral arguments before the California Court of Appeal and the Ninth Circuit. He was a direct, succinct, and no-nonsense advocate, which caused me to know he was the right choice as my appellate counsel.”

Laura Knox, Esq.


Myron has skills that make him a nightmare for the other side.”

“Mark Twain said, ‘I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.’ And that’s because it takes skill and time to write concisely and powerfully.

Myron is the master of simplicity. He filters out things that don’t matter. Myron has skills that make him a nightmare for the other side. His writing and analytical skills are magical.”

Damian Castaneda

San Martin

“A very creative strategist and pulls no punches”

“Myron is a trial lawyer’s blessing. He is available to help you ‘make a good record’ and when the case is on appeal, he can identify the pivotal issue and develop an insightful and cogent argument, often when that argument may escape others.

Beyond his unique talent to get to the point, Myron is efficient, responsive and fully engaged. He is a very creative strategist and pulls no punches if you are on the wrong track.”

Marshall Whitney, Esq.


“Willingness to take on challenges that others shy away from.”

“Myron has represented my companies on two separate occasions in the court of appeal, and his performance has been nothing short of exemplary.

Myron's approach to our cases was marked by a profound understanding of the law and a fearless commitment to justice. His arguments were not only well-crafted but were delivered with a conviction that resonated with the panel of appellate judges. Every word he spoke, every document he filed, was met with total respect and consideration.

What sets Myron apart is not just his legal acumen but his willingness to take on challenges that others shy away from. In one of our cases, prominent Stanford professors declined to represent us, uncertain of prevailing in the court. Myron, however, embraced the challenge with both confidence and competence, and he won the case.

His victories in the courtroom are not just legal triumphs; they are a reflection of a man who believes in the power of the law to do right and is willing to stand up for that belief.”

Patrick Barkhordarian

Silicon Valley

“Skill, knowledge and peerless ability to win”

“Myron is an incredible advocate and advisor. I’ve been fortunate to work with Myron and his team many times over the years, both in-house and as a trial lawyer, and Myron is my go-to appellate counsel thanks to his skill, knowledge and peerless ability to win.”

Chris Sargent, Esq.

General Counsel

North America Photon Infotech Ltd.