At Moskovitz Appellate Team, we deliver a full spectrum of appellate and writ services tailored to your legal needs. Our seasoned team of attorneys is committed to providing top-tier representation at every stage of your case, whether it's in California or beyond. Our expertise spans legal consultation, evaluation, and moot courts encompassing federal and state jurisdictions.

Case Evaluation

Our meticulous case evaluation process assesses the likelihood of a successful reversal or writ petition, ensuring you make informed decisions regarding the pursuit of appeals or writs. We analyze the merits of each case to determine its worthiness and potential for success.

Appellate Advocacy

We handle appeals in both state and federal courts, representing both appellants and respondents from the inception to the conclusion of the appellate process. Our team leverages its extensive experience to craft persuasive legal arguments, maximizing your chances of a favorable outcome.

Writ Petitions

Navigating the complexities of writ petitions can be daunting. We guide clients through the entire process, whether they are petitioners or opponents, with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to achieving their objectives.

Appellate Consulting

Our appellate consulting services are designed to complement attorneys who prefer to manage their appeals or writ petitions themselves. We provide invaluable insights and reviews of legal work to optimize the quality of your submissions before filing.

Motion Practice

For trial attorneys seeking assistance with summary judgment and post-trial motions, including stays, we offer expert guidance and support, enhancing the effectiveness of your motion practice strategies.

Moot Court Sessions

Our Moot Court sessions provide a unique opportunity for attorneys to practice their oral arguments and receive constructive feedback from seasoned professionals, refining their advocacy skills.

Trial Court Consulting

To bolster your chances of success on appeal, we offer trial court consulting services, ensuring that you create a strong trial court record to build upon during the appellate process.

California Supreme Court Advocacy

Benefit from the insights of former California Supreme Court law clerks who specialize in guiding you on how to persuade the Court to accept your case and ultimately secures a favorable outcome.